Review: Burial Invocation - Abiogenesis (2018) / From The Bowels Of Perdition

Burial Invocation


Gutter is where death metal intrinsically belongs, the ashes it rises from, its spiritual birthplace if you will, and as long as their feet are firmly planted in that filth, it shouldn’t be frowned upon if some bands, or ideally all of them, are stealthily looking at the stars, striving for excellence. Blessed with the ability that justifies that ambition, Burial Invocation from Turkey are clearly not devoid of such aspirations.

To say that the title of their debut full-length is misleading would be an understatement, as absolutely nothing about it comes across as rudimentary or undeveloped, and unlike the term Abiogenesis that refers to the earliest stages of life’s evolution, this music couldn’t be further from resembling a primordial organic compound that will take millions of years to shape into living organisms of today. Quite the contrary, Abiogenesis could hardly sound more elaborate than it already does, without a single moment of vapid songwriting on it ˗ literally every little detail here demands attention and every single riff progression or lead sequence appears to be developed with the greatest of consideration and patience.

Despite being quite lengthy, most of the songs pass by in the blink of an eye, as if they don’t last more than a few minutes, showcasing busy, intellectually stimulating songwriting that never gets mentally exhausting. None of this affects the feeling of suspense though, that the band builds with surprising competence one will seldom encounter among musicians of their age and experience.

Slightly dry guitars and flat sounding drums are perhaps the only two things worth of minor complaint, but overall, one will hardly find smarter and more superior display of skill and talent among bands that are yet to establish themselves. Are Burial Invocation already there? One could easily make a case that they are, with only one album down and lord knows how many more to be had. Hopefully too many to count.


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