Review: Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance (EP) (2016) / From The Bowels Of Perdition


Three Devils Dance (EP)

If all hell’s inhabitants were gathered for some kind of grisly celebration, accompanied by all sinful earthly souls that are yet to pass the gates of inferno, this EP would be a fitting soundtrack for such an event, which proves the band’s assessment regarding the number of devils dancing to this music inappropriately modest and downright inaccurate.

Although technically an EP, Three Devils Dance is a fairly long, intellectually demanding and emotionally draining musical journey that certainly feels like a double album more than anything else, and one would be hard-pressed to find many better examples of intelligent, proficient songwriting complementing the atmosphere of utter evil so effectively.

Sonically and lyrically, it deals with the usual suspects of darkness, destructiveness, metaphysical horror and all other things negative, but most certainly not from inferior position of someone directly affected or crushed by those forces. On the contrary, Qrixkuor leave an impression of impartial spectators who witness and give an account of life’s misery, watching its filth and decadence from their unsullied heights, subsequently resulting in a listener feeling empowered rather than miserable after the experience.

Three Devils Dance is a profound, compelling, sinister musical statement, flawlessly devised and flawlessly executed, virtually without any apparent downside. In that sense, Qrixkuor are truly a breath of fresh air in otherwise somewhat stale contemporary metal landscape, a band that doesn’t really belong in the same bracket with any of their peers. Very much looking forward to musical ventures they are yet to embark on.


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