Review: Black Curse - Black Curse (2020) / From The Bowels Of Perdition

Black Curse

Endless Wound

With so much death metal around that is neither all that spiteful nor gritty, a band like Black Curse was much needed to put that impotence in perspective and showcase the true meaning of animosity and hostility, by amplifying both traits to the point where one may rightfully wonder how much sense it actually makes to even listen to something so heavily charged with bad intentions towards literally everybody and everything. With the depiction of a strange beheaded creature jumping through the window in panic after it caught fire (or breaking out of the grave as another pair of eyes perhaps might see it) the music on Endless Wound does all the justice in the world to such a disturbing visual, making this album feel like something that could indeed set anyone on fire or lead into a hysteric frenzy.

The fact that Endless Wound comes through Sepulchral Voice Records shouldn’t come as such a big surprise, considering how well it fills the void left by the relative inactivity of the label’s other prominent acts in recent years, bands like Degial, Vorum or even Grave Miasma. It’s not only dense, unhinged atmosphere of Black Curse’s music that makes those comparisons viable, there’s also something to be said for some of the riffs on Endless Wound that are foul in a very particular way that suggests some strange, sordid spiritual bond between this album and the latest efforts by all those bands.

It should also be emphasized that Black Curse aren’t a group of obscure lunatics no one knows about, but a band comprised of young Denver based musicians better known for their work in more prominent acts like Spectral Voice or Blood Incantation. For some strange reason, having awareness of this ambivalence makes the whole Black Curse experience even more appealing, as it makes the band come across like a group of musicians that are equally competent to be both refined and primitive, depending on the mood they’re in, and that making albums as thoroughly insane as Endless Wound isn’t their destiny, but a conscious decision.

Black Curse have a deep understanding of the unwritten rules of this music and they know how to push ugliness and brutality to the point when there is something bizarrely pleasing about them, either by unleashing utter madness without any self-restraint whatsoever or by capitalizing on repetition of some slower sequence or a riff, like during the first half of Enraptured By Decay for example, or halfway through Endless Wound, the eponymous track. Add a layer of demented screaming on top of that already genuinely deranged musical tapestry, wrap all that in the filthiest, grittiest, the most primal production one can imagine, and witness how what appears to be nearly forty minutes of noise slowly turns into one of the most satisfying death metal records you are likely to hear this year.


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