Review: Baneful Storm - Invocations (EP) (2020) / From The Bowels Of Perdition

Baneful Storm

Invocations (EP)

Being a blatant Altars Of Madness rip off is pretty much the only downside as it pertains to this Paris based one man band, if ripping off any renowned album is intrinsically a downside, regardless of the outcome. The truth is, had Earache released this EP and falsely advertised it as the lost tracks from Altars Of Madness sessions, the chances are most people would have fallen for it, 1989 Morbid Angel iteration included. Maybe only Vincent would have suspected something, being the most lucid out of the three surviving band members, but it’s likely that Trey and Pete wouldn’t have felt overly compelled to dispute that it was them who actually recorded these songs some thirty years ago, had Digby Pearson insisted that it was so.

Invocations EP is by no means a revolutionary, game changing piece of music, but merely one with the miraculous ability to reinvigorate the feeling of appreciation for the album that never really ceased being appreciated, simply by replicating its songwriting patterns and production values as closely as possible. In most cases, poor execution will immediately render this kind of pursuits meaningless, but Baneful Storm is indeed a proof that an otherwise questionable motivation of imitating someone can become remarkably appealing when the boundaries between an impersonator and the thing he impersonates are seemingly erased. Highly recommended.


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