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Shrieking Demons

Diabolical Regurgitations (EP)

Shrieking Demons

There is something about a single brush stroke over an empty canvas by a master painter that makes it immeasurably more meaningful compared to the one performed by a random nobody. And although essentially the same thing, there are worlds apart between learning the basics of something and going back to revisit those basics after mastering that same something down to its most intricate details.

That said, the way Shrieking Demons go about their rather elementary, stripped-down death metal feels much more like witnessing masters at work than listening to a group of greenhorns playing at the edge of their abilities. Everything about Diabolical Regurgitations, from the opening riff of Water Drop Torture to the last guitar scream of Whispering Corridors, on the surface may seem like an unpretentious, seemingly undemanding excercise in simplicity. Still, the fact that the entire EP also feels as if the entire arcane death metal knowledge has been somehow poured into it goes directly against that notion. With a sound that is unburdened by complexity and unneccesary overthinking, but also pure, urgent, and highly competent, Shrieking Demons have a distinct sense of nuance to them, that makes it difficult to decipher whether they’re a brand new entity or a group of seasoned veterans.

All four songs feature some truly memorable songwriting and none of the riffs and leads here sound rehashed or derivative in the slightest, regardless of how easy it may seem to recognize the influences behind them. Shrieking Demons know how to tell a familiar story in a somewhat unfamiliar way, that makes it feel as if you’re listening to that story for the very first time, which is what usually happens when someone is highly eloquent at a language invented by others ˗ Autopsy, Incantation, and Morbid Angel, in this case. However, it’s a slightly twisted dialect in which Shrieking Demons speak their languages, together with the way they merge each of those bands’ respective sounds into a new one, that gives these Italians their own identity and makes them stand out in the crowd. A promising newcomers with a great moniker, to keep an eye on.


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