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Whoredom Rife

Winds Of Wrath

Whoredom Rife Review

Not many bands around keep a better ratio between quantity and quality and are more prolific than this Nidaros based duo. Coming up with new music in regular yearly intervals, the quality of everything they put out stands in inverse correlation with the time they spent crafting it. It’s just one worthwhile release after another with these gentlemen.

Winds Of Wrath, their seventh studio recording in six years, sees them muffling some of the aggression and ferocity of the first two full-lengths for the sake of slightly more contemplative and focused sound coming to the forefront. At face value, apart from maybe the eponymous one, all the other songs may appear almost too consistent, without any of them demanding repeated listens immediately. However, the absence of highlights is precisely why the album feels more like a whole than any of the previous Whoredom Rife efforts, like a collection of songs that actually need each other and feed off of each other, unlike on the EP and the first two full-lengths where some of them had more of a lone wolf mentality and were trying to get the point across all by themselves, with more or less success. Indeed, compared to their back catalogue, Winds Of Wrath feels pleasantly familiar and slightly different at the same time, for below the harsh surface of the music there are now clearly layers of experience and wisdom, presumably garnered over the last three years of dark and quiet introspection since the last album. The beast isn’t unleashed anymore, it’s on a leash, but still incredibly dangerous all the same. More calculated when it comes to who and when to bite, but more malicious and fierce when it finally does.

Calling Winds Of Wrath a turning point, crossroad, or anything else along those lines would probably be equally excessive and unnecessary, but at the same time it’s impossible not to notice that Whoredom Rife are slowly shifting from where it all started for them towards something that is yet to be experienced and put a label on. The band is obviously on a mission, they seem hungry, and more often than not that is a prerequisite for some remarkable music. Up to this point they failed to fail, so let’s hope that won’t change.


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